"The Missed Adventures of Br'er Rabbit and Br'er Death in the Land of Shadows" is an on-going narrative project. Acting as an ever evolving collection of parables and fables (some reinterpreted/remixed and others invented). In this project, "The Missed Adventures..." the trickster archetype is highlighted as an embodiment of ambiguity and ambivalence, calling into question fundamental assumptions about the way the world is organized and, at times, offering new possibilities of transforming it. Acting as the shadow, brother/sister, teacher, and enemy/ally of the historical southern trickster figure of "Br'er Rabbit", Burch's own character "Br'er Death" reveals that the trickster's antics are at their root never comedic but serious gestures of resistance within a hostile environment. Burch not only re-contextulizes but remixes the Br'er Rabbit folklore with his own afro-surreal aesthetics. Further rooting these stories within an encompassing cultural, material, and political worldview that extends beyond the local. By exposing traditions of subversive storytelling/mythology, narratives that "challenge the taken for granted," Burch makes visible the connections between particular lives and social organization.