Pieces and Placement features" a series of large-scale works inspired by the game of chess.



 January 2015 @ The World Chess Hall of Fame St. Louis MO

 Each month, a new artist will create a work based upon a single chess piece, beginning with the pawn and ending with the king. Selected by Daniel Burnett, the group of artists includes Ruben Aguirre, Christopher Burch, Stan Chisholm, Nice-One & Lucx, and Benjamin Pierce, each of whom has a personal connection to hip hop culture. While the artists represent its multifaceted elements and diverse makeup, their scope is much larger than any genre or catch-all label. Each also has a relationship with chess—some through a passion for the game, while others feature related elements in their work, such as a strong sense of line, grid, or pattern. Together, the artists will act at the intersection of chess and hip hop, exploring the rich history and symbolism of the two cultures.


Exhibition Interview

Video Interview with World Grand Master Jennifer  Shahade